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At a Glance Specifications

The CM-01 and CM-02 ceiling microphones utilise a special pressure sensitive, tension-less low-mass element enhanced with an integrated FET low noise amplifier. These characteristics result in ultra smooth frequency response providing excellent feedback stability for voice reinforcement and teleconferencing applications. The high temperature stability assures exceptional system performance in fixed gain situations. In an average acoustical environment this microphone will have a pickup range of 10′ – 12′ radius.

CTG listened to many requests to offer our acclaimed silver ceiling microphone (CM-01) in white and we now offer a white version of the ceiling microphone (CM-02).

  • Group teleconferencing for: Boardrooms, classrooms/training rooms, and focus groups/observation rooms
  • Ideal for rooms with perimeter seating (no need to walk up to table to be heard)
  • Allows furniture to be rearranged with no compromise to the audio system
  • Provides even pick up for the maximum number of participants with the minimum number of microphones
  • Provides clean clutter free environment – no visible cables
  • Virtually invisible – flush mounted in the ceiling, visible portion smaller than a dime
  • Minimizes unwanted table noise such as paper shuffling, pen clicking and laptop key strokes
  • Participants can turn their backs to the table, walk around and still be heard evenly

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