HybridBoard is the next-gen IWB that inherits all the beauties from touchscreens, plug & play, finger sensing, multi-touch and it works with any projector and supports digital/analogue dual use. You can’t find a possibly more powerful interactive whiteboard.

More Features

  • A Board with Touchscreen Technology: HybridBoard does not require you to use any special digitizer stylus. It is equipped with the touchscreen technology.
  • Simple Plug & Play: Plug the dongle into your laptop, wait a few seconds for it to establish connection with the receiver box and press on the dongle. No installation/connecting to Wi-Fi is needed. It’s true Plug & Play.
  • Work with any Projector: It works with any projector you may have, be it long throw, short throw or ultra-short throw. You do not need to replace your existing projector.
  • Marker Compatible: HybridBoard is designed both as a digital board and an analogue one. you can use marker pens to write on it like a normal whiteboard.
  • Powerful Digital Inking: Control your PC from the board and perform digital inking. Used for teaching, training or meeting purpose.
  • Collaboration Made Easy: Large size and multi-touch, collaboration made easy. It is especially good for classrooms design learning.

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