All-In-One interactive digital podium designed for every presentation venue, from small seminar rooms to huge conference theatres. It is a smart touch display with embedded PC that speakers can present with and it connects to any displays or AV system.

More Features

  • Presentation Podium for the Future Keynote is a presentation podium that comes with a dedicated Full HD display, a high power embedded PC, a multi-touch interface.
  • Massive Screen Real Estate Keynote features larger screen size for presenters to view their content comfortably.
  • Multi-touch your Content Presenters can self-control their speech at ease, see and navigate slides, toggle laser pointer or pens, check speaker’s notes, all within a few finger touches.
  • Digital Inking on Slides Select various inking tools and illustrate on slides to build a strong engagement with audience. Supports Whiteboard also.
  • Rich Input and Output Allows you to connect all kinds of accessories, from USB drives to clickers, to keyboard and mouse.
  • Deploy in Various Use Cases Works with all kinds of displays, TVs, projector screens, LED video walls or even multiple screens.

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