Key Features

  • Comprehensive screen sharing features, with remote management.
  • KLIK Manager central management system included at no extra cost.
  • Supports Open Access for streaming without an app.
  • Use with KLIK Connect apps for Password and Moderated Access.
  • Includes KLIKStream feature, allowing users to see presentation in a browser.
  • Comes with wireless remote control for Moderator use and Media Player.
  • Full complement of hardware I/O, incl. Ethernet, Audio, HDMI & VGA

Key Remote Features

Use the REMOTE to switch in seconds between presenters, or to play back full-HD content on the built-in media player.
  • Select Presenters, Start/End Streaming
  • Audio, Video & Image, Media Player Control
  • Direct Access to System Settings
  • Turn Klik ON/OFF, Adjust Volume
  • Freeze the Screen Any Time

KLIK Stream Sharing

PLUS includes KLIK-Stream, that lets users view the presentation right on their own device, as it’s happening on the big screen.

  • Users view the Presentation in their browsers
  • Anyone can View, No Software Required
  • No Limit to the Number of Viewers
  • Screen Capture Features Saves What You See
  • Use Any Device to View, Even Mobile

PRO also includes Remote Management through its embedded web server, allowing system administrators to manage, configure and maintain the device right from their central console.

Configure: KLIK Boks PRO can be configured remotely, through its enhanced web interface. Device naming, IP and Subnet settings and even video configuration are all handled remotely.

Monitor: Quickly check vital settings and retrieve MAC addresses, verify firmware versions, and more from the remote interface. You can even view the PRO’s video output in real time, all from a browser.

Update: Firmware updates are performed OTA, from our server, or yours. Keep KLIK Boks PRO updated to the latest feature set by pushing updates on your schedule, with a new level of efficiency.

The KLIK Boks PRO is the fastests and easiest way to bring truly wireless presentation support to any organization, large or small.

CustomiseWith KLIK Boks PRO you can customize the standby screens to include your own images, logos or other content. You can even run custom screen-shows or video in standby mode.

Remote: Manage Conference Mode, run the Media Player, control the presentation, and much more with the KLIK Remote. Watch productivity soar when you’ve got control of the KLIK Boks PRO.

Universal: KLIK Boks PRO is the  Presentation System that works with all platforms; with or without installing a software app. KLIK is Your Universal Wireless Presentation Connector.

Choose the KLIK Boks PRO for applications where you need remote management, the speed and efficiency of the remote  control and the very latest technology in the industry’s most powerful, flexible and adaptable wireless presentation system.

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