Key Features

  • Stream to the big screen, others can view your content right on their own device.
  • Play Audio, Video, or Image Slideshows, right from a USB flash drive, without a computer.
  • Share a Presentation Remote between users automatically, without unplugging anything.
  • Select presenters with the included remote control, like changing channels on a TV.
  • Fully Automated setup gets you up and running in minutes, with KLIKWizard.

Key Remote Features

Use the REMOTE to switch in seconds between presenters, or to play back full-HD content or digital signage on the built in media player.
  • Select Presenters, Start/End Streaming
  • Audio, Video & Image, Media Player Control
  • Direct Access to System Settings
  • Turn Klik ON/OFF, Adjust Volume
  • Freeze the Screen Any Time

KLIK Stream Sharing

PLUS includes KLIK-Stream, that lets users view the presentation right on their own device, as it’s happening on the big screen.
  • Users view the Presentation in their browsers
  • Anyone can View, No Software Required
  • No Limit to the Number of Viewers
  • Screen Capture Features Saves What You See
  • Use Any Device to View, Even Mobile

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