At a Glance Specifications

  • Best in class USB capture card for SDI video capture
  • Flexible SDI input
  • SDI output port for confidence monitoring
  • Designed for maximum usability and durability
  • Capture up to 60 fps with USB 3.0
  • High-quality SDI output with flexible recording options

  • For custom software development, download the SDK from our website to design your own application that interfaces directly with Epiphan drivers.
  • SDI2USB 3.0 solves the problem of how to effectively transfer SDI video content from a professional-grade video mixing console to a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Provides true 24-bit color and consistent frame rate performance regardless of video content. Captures flawless, uncompressed SDI video in YUV 4:2:0 color formats.
  • In addition to the free Epiphan Capture tool, SDI2USB 3.0 works with multiple third-party applications for Windows and Linux through DirectShow and V4L2 respectively.

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