• The Phoenix Audio Stingray Wall Mount Bracket (MT730) enables users to mount the Stingray (MT700) onto a wall, allowing the device to be installed behind a TV for a clean and discreet look.
  • The Stingray Wall Mount Bracket is easy to install and uses the rack mounting points on the Stingray.
  • The Stingray Wall Mount Bracket is ideal for environments with limited space, unsuitable surfaces, or for those that prefer a clutter-free and discrete appearance.
  • The kit is made up of two brackets, which use the rack mounting points found on both sides of the Stingray unit.
  • Size: 1.25in x 1.25in x 1.5in (W x H x D) x 2 units
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Warranty: Two Years

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