At a Glance Specifications

The CTG high quality table microphones are designed to clearly and evenly pick up participants voices up to 10 feet away. They are true (360°) omni directional boundary microphones offering high sensitivity. The TM-01 tabletop is a low profile microphone and provides a portable solution.

The microphones utilize a special pressure sensitive, tensionless low-mass element enhanced with an integrated FET low noise preamplifier. These characteristics result in ultra smooth frequency response providing excellent feedback stability for teleconferencing. The microphones feature a waterproof windscreen to protect the element from cleaners, coffee, and other liquids.

  • Group teleconferencing in conference rooms and boardrooms
  • Group teleconferencing in classrooms and training/briefing rooms
  • Extraneous noises such as paper shuffling and pen clicking are minimised
  • Portability – whereby microphone may be easily moved around
  • Exceptional coverage area minimizes the number of microphones required
  • Center of table placement permits participants to turn in their chairs and move around
  • Low profile design actually uses the table surface to increase its effectiveness
  • Precisely captures original sound allowing listeners to recognise ‘who is talking’

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